Hanna Kruse

Small and perfectly formed, the 'Soe' collection by Hanna Kruse is understated and elegant, proving once again that less is definitely more


'Little things mean a lot' sang Kitty Kallen in 1954. Fast forward to 2014 and German designer Hanna Kruse thinks so too. Her beautiful ceramic vessels are designed to contain and display the small objects we cherish.

When her 'Soe Cup' series debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2013, the upper echelons of the design community went into a bit of a feeding frenzy. The restrained colour palette and minimal graphic lids ticked all the right boxes, so much so that a set of limited edition silkscreen prints of the lid design is now available to buy.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana, these lovely little bowls are also perfect for mini floral arrangements. Whether it's a few sprigs of herbs in the kitchen or a small posy in the bedroom, your inner florist can bloom.

Now the luxe factor has been upped with the arrival of 'Soe Limited Editions' museum quality pieces. Each one is numbered and comes with a certificate guaranteeing its limited status. The colour palette of gorgeous greys and pastels has been extended and the lids now come in three precious metals. Silver, copper and gold lend their lustre to create covetable mini sculptures that need no further embellishment. Perhaps if you've been very good this year, Santa might just leave one or two for you under the tree at Christmas...

ABOVE: 'Soe Limited Editions' from €415
ABOVE RIGHT: 'Soe Limited Prints' €85