Royal Doulton

Street artists Pure Evil and Nick Walker have kicked in the factory doors at Royal Doulton to produce an anarchic set of tableware


Graffiti is now so common that its ability to shock is long gone. The likes of Banksy and Ben Eine have become celebrated artists and no hip hangout is complete without an oversized hare or rat stencilled on the wall.

Now Royal Doulton, that venerable British institution renowned for respectable china, has also succumbed to the charms of the spray can. Its Street Art range of plates and mugs includes images of Jackie O with black tears dripping from her eyes, a pearly king complete with fairy wings on an industrial doorway and a two-fingered salute that becomes a sinister shadow rabbit. A collaboration with UK street artists Pure Evil (aka Charley Uzzell Edwards) and Nick Walker, they're guaranteed to turn heads. Next time granny comes to tea, why not serve up something she won't forget in a hurry?

'JFK's Nightmare' 17cm plate by Pure Evil, £65 for a set of four
'Bunny Fingers' mug by Pure Evil, £18
'Vandalism' 17cm plate by Nick Walker, £65 for a set of four
'Beautiful Things' 27cm plate by Pure Evil, limited edition, £60