This retro-futuristic record player by GPO has got us in a spin


We like a bit of tech here at the Fizz, especially when it solves a problem with effortless style. Anyone who still has a box or two of trusty vinyl records collecting dust should take a look at what must be the smartest turntable we’ve ever set eyes on, designed by retro Brit gadget lovers GPO. The GPO 'Jive' has a radio, CD player and remote control on board, but it also converts your old platters into MP3 files and transfers them directly to USB. It offers three speeds, 45, 33 and 78 rpm, which means everyone from Billie Holiday to Blondie can join the digital age. And with its cute Space Odyssey styling, we think it's totally Fizztastic!

GPO 'Jive' turntable, £189.95 inc VAT