Skyline Chess

Skyline Chess_Chess Set in context.jpg

If you want to be a real city slicker you'll need to sharpen up your game with the chicest chess set in town 


Forget Queen takes Knight, try Shard takes London Eye in this clever take on one of the world’s oldest games. Ian Flood and Chris Prosser of UK design company Skyline Chess have used iconic London buildings to replace the classic chess pieces we all know and love. Made of injection moulded acrylic, pawns are represented by typical terraced houses, the Rook becomes Big Ben and the London Eye assumes the role of the Knight. The Bishop takes on the form of the Gherkin and the King and Queen are reborn as Canary Wharf and the Shard.

This is only the first step towards global domination though. Other cities around the world are already in the pipeline, which is sure to pitch New York against Paris or Sydney against Rome in what could be the most stylish chess tournament in the world. Checkmate…

The 'London Skyline' chess set is available to pre-order, £80