Sophie Southgate

A shot of colour is good for the soul. Sophie Southgate knows how to push our buttons with her eye-catching ceramics


Ceramicist Sophie Southgate's vessels display a striking simplicity. Geometric shapes are carved out of a sliced ovoid and filled with graphic flashes of contrasting colour. Slip-cast in porcelain, they become enigmatic totems with a hidden language all their own. 

A graduate of Wales's Cardiff Metropolitan University, Southgate describes her work as 'an on-going exploration of the object and the vessel, in both the contexts of sculpture and functional ceramics'. Her inspirations include landscape, abstract form and negative space. We particularly love the way the bold colour field creeps up and over the surface of her latest pieces, challenging the perception of depth. Already snapped up by directional store Darkroom London, we predict this rising star is set to burn very brightly indeed.


ABOVE: Neo geo: Sophie Southgate's geo-centric pieces are available at Darkroom London, from £125