Buster + Punch

Making LED sexy with their elegant and innovative 'Buster' bulb – the world’s first designer LED light bulb – London design firm Buster + Punch is raising the bar in lighting technologies. LED is finally having a ‘moment’. And about time too...


You don’t have to have an affinity for old-school light bulbs and switches to appreciate Buster + Punch's designs, but it certainly helps. 

Launched in 2013 by the London-born, Stockholm-based architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale (right), Buster + Punch has carved out a reputation for precision-cut lighting and beautifully crafted hardware. Mining the realms of art, music and fashion for inspiration, Minale’s rough-luxe aesthetic and passion for metalwork is matched only by his predilection for custom-built choppers, tattoos and banging tunes.

TOP: 'Buster' bulb in gold, smoked and clear crystal, £39.99 each
BELOW FROM LEFT: 'Hero' bronzed gun metal and brass chandelier, £999; 'Rockstar' whisky bar, from £2,999; 'Heavy Metal' candle holders, from £35 each

Known for their rock n’ roll designs – from bespoke drinks cabinets with quilted satin interiors to bronzed metal chandeliers and stackable candle holders in rose copper, steel and bronze – the latest addition to the label is the new 'Buster' bulb. A contemporary version of the Edison filament bulb, the teardrop-shaped glass shell houses a resin light pipe that creates a crisp, clean light quality. In a choice of gold, smoked or crystal glass, the bulbs are finished with a satin metallic sheen, so they look just as good off as they do on. Thinking of adding a lampshade? How very dare you...