Jake Phipps

We can't resist these shimmering faceted pieces by Jake Phipps, the UK designer whose star is about to burn very brightly indeed


What is it about faceted mirror that holds us in such thrall? Is it the way light bounces off the seemingly random surfaces catching our eye with every move we make? Is it that diamond-like gleam that we find utterly seductive?

Made of mirror polished steel, the 'Stellar Collection' by London designer Jake Phipps pushes our fascination with all things faceted to new limits, taking inspiration from naturally forming amethyst geodes and machine-cut diamonds. We love the way the glittering river of angled mirrors wraps itself around this sleek console (right and above), taking out corners and edges as it goes. That same river also dances across the surface of Phipps' beautiful multi-panelled screen, creating a hypnotic 3D wave of reflections and shadows, while a simple circular mirror is transformed into a dazzling jewel.

Phipps may not be a household name just yet but you're probably familiar with his hat-shaped 'Jeeves & Wooster' pendant lights, seen everywhere from Harvey Nichols, London, to Philippe Starck's uber-chic Mama Shelter hotel in Paris. Another Fizz fave is his bullet-like 'Shell' stool which was one of the star pieces recently commandeered by Heal's to relaunch its contemporary furniture department.

So if you're looking for a statement piece by one of Britain's fastest rising design talents then look no further. Sometimes all that glitters is the way to go...

ABOVE: 'Stellar' console table, £11,502, limited edition, to order
ABOVE RIGHT: 'Stellar' mirror, from £3,876, limited edition, to order
BELOW FROM LEFT: 'Jeeves & Wooster' lights; 'Shell' stool
BOTTOM: 'Stellar' folding screen, from £14,024, limited edition, to order