Anglepoise + Centre Point

The classic Anglepoise lamp has had a makeover, inspired by London's favourite love/hate building Centre Point


We love a good collaboration at DesignFizz, so when three design icons get together to produce something sexy and stylish we're seriously happy bunnies.

The Anglepoise lamp is one of a handful of great British designs that has become a true classic since its 1933 launch. Simple, elegant and quietly innovative, it has defied fashion and retained its crown as one of the most enduring (and copied) designs of our times. Its anthropomorphic qualities were eulogised by Pixar in their first animated short Luxo Jr, in 1986, leading to it becoming an intrinsic part of Pixar's identity. Last year Paul Smith's colourful makeover of the 'Type 75' turned heads during autumn's design shows.

ABOVE: The new 'Anglepoise + Centre Point' collection
ABOVE RIGHT: Paul Smith gives the 'Type 75' a coat of many colours
BELOW: Pixar's award-winning short animation 'Luxo Jr'

So to central London where Centre Point (right), that iconic Sixties edifice that divides opinion to this day, is having its own radical revamp. Rick Mather Architects and Conran & Partners are updating the Grade II-listed building with 82 luxe apartments and 4,100 square metres of shiny new retail spaces. It's part of the ongoing renovation of the eastern end of Oxford Street, which has been a style-free zone for many years. While this major facelift is taking place, Centre Point will be under wraps, hidden from view by a specially designed facade featuring striking prints by acclaimed UK patternmeisters Eley Kishimoto, inspired by its distinctive architecture.

To mark Centre Point's rebirth, Anglepoise has launched three special editions of its 'Original 1227' desk lamp, featuring Eley Kishimoto's Centre Point designs in stark black, white and grey appearing tattoo-like on the inside of the shade. This subtle yet effective idea is a stroke of genius, bringing a sharp graphic sensibility to the light without detracting from it. It's a win-win situation all round.

'The repetitive, geometric, monochromatic patterns represent Centre Point's iconic Sixties architecture,' says Mark Eley, one half of the fashion duo. The 'Private Views' edition was inspired by reflections caused by bright sunlight hitting Centre Point's tower, when each window pane becomes a canvas for startling views. The 'Central Link' print hails from the building's geographical position at the epicentre of central London. Third pattern 'Urban Meadow' takes its cue from the geometric shadows that form at twilight on the honeycomb facade. We want all three...

ABOVE FROM LEFT: Eley Kishimoto's new editions for Anglepoise include 'Urban Meadow', 'Central Link' and 'Private Views', £200 each

Pictures: Jake CurtisStephen Richards