If you think summer's all about lazy days spent topping up your tan then spare a thought for those busy bees over at UK design store Habitat who've been hard at work on their new Autumn/Winter collection 


TOP:  The boxy 'Spencer' sofa, £3,300, black and yellow 'Euan' lamp, £225, and sculptural 'Hawkins' armchair, £995, give good Eighties
ABOVE: 'Esterban' blue glass vase, £25


Midsummer on Planet Design is a funny time of year. While we’re just starting to enjoy the sun’s rays in the UK, we’re also being ushered into rooms full of Christmas decorations and given a glimpse of what will be in store when the temperature drops.

For autumn 2015, stalwart Brit design house Habitat is channelling the Eighties, Memphis design and American mid-century modern. Under the watchful eye of Creative Director Polly Dickens, we’re pleased to say it’s a return to form for one of the UK’s most cherished brands. Dickens is looking to restore Habitat to its initial raison d’être, to bring interesting, affordable contemporary design to the high street. From what we’ve seen so far, she’s right on track. See below for a sneak peek of what’s coming your way soon…


The DesignFizz STAR PIECE 
'Hawkins' armchair Our absolute 'must-have' is the sleek Eighties-tastic 'Hawkins' armchair by Matthew Long. Its clean minimal lines, bold colour and knowingly retro buttoned seat pad give it all the hallmarks of a modern classic. It's exactly want we want from Habitat, right now...

'Hawkins' armchair in grey velvet and green wool, £995

'Ikat' and 'Totem' rugs These striking rugs rock two elements of Eighties style. The black and white 'Ikat' fuses eastern minimalism with stark monochrome while the multicoloured 'Totem' recalls Memphis' vibrant colour clashes and early digital TV graphics.

'Ikat' small black and white flat weave rug, £40; 'Totem' large patterned wool rug, £350

'Henderson' ceiling light Cork has been trending for a couple of years now. Once the preserve of Seventies suburban homes complete with cuckoo clocks and fondue sets it's now the de rigueur material of the moment. We love the mix of cool white glass and earthy cork in the 'Henderson' ceiling light (right).

RIGHT: 'Henderson' ceiling light, £50

'Crofton' and 'Doodle' cushions The multi-coloured patchwork 'Crofton' cushion (below left) mixes mid-century mood with sharp Mondrian-esque geometry. Its polar opposite is the squiggly wiggly 'Doodle' (below right) which layers loose black markings over soft bands of colour.

BELOW LEFT: 'Crofton' multi-coloured patchwork cushion, £45
BELOW RIGHT: 'Doodle' patterned cushion, £15

'Banshee' sideboard OK, so anything named 'Banshee' is bound to get our attention having been devotees of Siouxsie Sioux and her cohorts from back in the day, but that aside this portable sideboard with reeded glass doors is a seriously stylish piece of kit. Part of a range of furniture that includes a sleek glass dining table and a taller cabinet, its black-framed doors and oak-veneered top give it a low-slung hipster status perfect for Happy Houses everywhere...

'Banshee' three-door, low glass sideboard, £895

'Ebbie' console and side tables A little fluoro goes a long way. The 'Ebbie' collection of pop-tastic Perspex pieces consists of a console table and three side tables in deliciously translucent hi-vis shades of orange, pink and yellow. Time to turn the dial up to maximum saturation!

ABOVE FROM LEFT: 'Ebbie' side table with shelf, £95; 'Ebbie' console table, £275; 'Ebbie' side table, £175

The Habitat Autumn/Winter Collection will be available from September 2015