Pen Uno X Ensso

We've been enticed back to the ancient art of handwriting by Ensso's Pen Uno, the most stylish pen we've seen in a long time...


The pen is mightier than the sword but the keyboard is way more popular these days. Now we're all emailing and texting, it's very rare we pick up a pen to write anything down anymore and when we do our handwriting is so bad that we can barely read it as we're simply out of practice. Well maybe the answer is to pick up a pen so beautifully designed that we can't wait to use it.

The Pen Uno, by Los Angeles design team Ensso, could be the cure for our illegible scribbles. Having raised funding through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the Uno has just gone into production. Sleek, slim and minimal, it's made of anodised aluminium and comes in five seductive metallic finishes. It's light in the hand, smooth to the touch and is refillable using widely available, inexpensive Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridges. It's a neat piece of engineering too as the cap retracts to reveal the nib and doubles as a nifty holding barrel.

BELOW: Pick from silver, gold, space grey, red and on-trend rose gold; The cap slides back to reveal the nib

Our only concern is that it's likely to go missing the minute our back's turned. The quick brown fox may jump over the lazy dog but if he makes off with one of these we promise there'll be hell to pay!

Pen Uno is available to pre-order at US$35 ($10 off the retail price of $45) including worldwide shipping