Studio Davidpompa

Mexican design is having a moment and somehow it feels sooo now...


Studio Davidpompa is a young Mexican design company launched in 2008 by David Pompa Alarcón that uses traditional materials and techniques to create contemporary lighting and tiling collections.

The Fizz is particularly taken with its glossy black ‘Rajo’ tile, a raised 3D design that bounces light around its geometric surface. The shiny black clay tiles are handmade by Mexican artisans skilled in the ancestral craft of Barro Negro from Oaxaca, which specialises in the production of black polished pottery. 

This beautiful black clay is also present in sleek pendant lights. ’Can’ oozes dark glamour while ‘Minimal’ and ‘Vitrif’ add warm copper to raise the luxe factor. 

Finally, the decorative art of talavera has also been brought to the fore on the pretty ‘Hielo’ pendant with its intricate cobalt blue patterning. Talavera caught our attention earlier this year with the arrival of the first collection from Maison Numen, another South American design house (see our post here). To see it twice in one year is surprising. It marks the stirrings of a new era of modern South American design and from what we’ve seen so far it’s very welcome indeed…

ABOVE: Back to black with the geometric 'Rajo' tiles
ABOVE RIGHT: We love the glossy black 'Can' and blue and white 'Hielo' pendants
BELOW FROM LEFT: 'Minimal' and 'Vitrif' mix it up with copper

'Rajo' tiles, €539 per m2, 'Can' pendant light €169, 'Minimal' pendant light €229, 'Vitrif' pendant light €219, 'Hielo' pendant light €329