Siemens Home Connect

Step into hi-tech heaven as Siemens bring the smart kitchen to the home. Beam me up Scotty...


It looks like the fully automated world of Sixties cartoon family The Jetsons is finally here. There’s an app for virtually everything these days and the kitchen is no exception. German company Siemens has long been known for its sleek design-led kitchen appliances, but now it has upped the ante with its new 'iQ700' range of WiFi-controlled ovens, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and coffee machines.

The 'Home Connect App' is at the heart of this clever system. It allows you to switch on and preheat your oven, change cooking programmes or get recipes sent to your smartphone wherever you are. If you thought CCTV had gone too far, then think again. Siemens’ newest WiFi-controlled fridges have two internal cameras monitoring the inside of your fridge so if you can’t remember whether you’ve run out of milk or not you can check in on your way home. Connected dishwashers and washing machines can also be programmed from afar. 

ABOVE RIGHT: The 'Home Connect App' puts control in the palm of your hand
BELOW: Simple, visually clear touch-control panels on the 'iQ700' range of ovens

You might think this is all well and good for extremely forgetful people and that you’ll never need it, but whenever technology jumps forward it tends to drag us with it. When Apple launched the first iPad we remember thinking that if you had a phone, a laptop and an iPod why would you need an iPad? Now we can’t do without it. The 'iQ700' range boasts a plethora of labour-saving features like activeClean cleaning programmes, steam and 4D hotAir cooking, stain removal and automatic dosing systems, and its fuss-free minimal design makes it the smartest ‘smart’ kitchen around at a reasonable price. Welcome to the second Industrial Revolution...

BELOW: The 'iQ700 HN878G4S6B' built-in oven with microwave, pulseSteam function, activeClean and Home Connect features

The 'iQ700' range is available now from selected Siemens dealers. Go to for your nearest outlet