IKEA x HAY Ypperlig Collection

IKEA has teamed up with cult Danish design brand HAY to launch 'Ypperlig', a new collection of beautiful basics


When Swedish mega-brand IKEA hooked up with cult Danish design duo HAY to create a new range, we knew the results would be impressive. This week the 'Ypperlig' collection hits global stores, celebrating the beauty of basics, Scandinavian functionality and streamlined, contemporary style. Fittingly, the name means 'extraordinary'.

Inspired by architecture, art and fashion trends, design brand HAY was founded in Copenhagen in 2002, and is helmed by husband-and-wife team Rolf and Mette Hay. Using sophisticated industrial manufacturing processes, the pair design pieces for modern living, with a less-is-more aesthetic that chimes well with fellow Scandinavian homewares giant IKEA. The collaborative collection spans furniture – from a compact sofa and comfy sofa-bed to tables, a bench and decorative wall shelf – super-slim lighting and covetable accessories.

ABOVE: Featuring clean lines, muted colours and Scandi materials, the new 'Ypperlig' collection by IKEA x HAY is in stores now
ABOVE RIGHT: HAY co-founders Rolf and Mette Hay
BELOW: 'Ypperlig' ash table, £150, with vases in green, £12, and brown, £18; Indoor/outdoor 'Ypperlig' chair with armrests, in green and light grey, £40 each; 'Ypperlig' chair with armrests, with dining table and vases, as before

ABOVE: Light grey three-seat 'Ypperlig' sofa-bed, £550, constructed like a pocket-sprung mattress, with cushion covers, £5 each; 'Ypperlig' coffee tables, £35 each, with green vase, £12; Light grey 'Ypperlig' LED table lamp, £35, with built-in variable touch dimmer

Top FizzPicks include the sinuous, indoor/outdoor 'Ypperlig' armchair and chair (moulded in one piece in on-trend green or light grey); the minimal LED table light and floor lamp; three jaunty wall mirrors; a sleek ash dining table and grey-topped birch coffee table; and our favourite design, the curvy 'Ypperlig' vase in a choice of two three-tone colourways (green, blue and grey or brown, yellow and white). A trio of pretty-hued boxes with lids make savvy storage for small items, or for cute gifts check out the graphic candle holder and stationery set. Vibrant cushion covers and throws bring a softer touch (in block colours, with pared-back pattern), and HAY has even reinvented the iconic IKEA bag, updating the weaving patterns and colours. 

ABOVE: 'Ypperlig' candle holders, £3 each; 'Ypperlig' wall mirrors, in white, £20, dark red, £12, and green, £15, suitable for use in bathrooms; 'Ypperlig' cushion covers, £5 each, available in nine reversible colourways with varying patterns, beech stools, £20 each

The duo intended the collaboration to be true to IKEA, with honest, substantial products at an affordable price that would be around for a long time. 'We wanted to do something that was beautiful, well-made and usable,' says Mette Hay. 'Really good products made by IKEA and sprinkled with a bit of HAY'. Get in quick and make HAY while the sun shines!

The 'Ypperlig' collection is available in selected IKEA stores and online (see regional sites for local prices).

IKEA Viktigt collection

Celebrating craft and natural materials, IKEA’s new 'Viktigt' collection is on our wish list…


We’ve long been fans of Ingegerd Råman, the renowned Swedish glassware and ceramics designer known for her minimal aesthetic. So imagine our delight at this April’s Milan Furniture Fair, when we discovered Råman had collaborated with IKEA to create ‘Viktigt’, a limited edition collection for the home, including understated furniture, lighting, storage and tableware.

ABOVE TOP: Ingegerd Råman with her subtle 'Viktigt' range for IKEA
ABOVE: Compact, light 'Viktigt' furniture includes a bamboo and woven paper-cord chair, £45; easy chair, £95, with woven paper-cord seat and backrest; and natural fibre sofa, £145, and armchair, £95

Launched in a verdant Tortona roof terrace apartment, ‘Viktigt’ (which means ‘Important’ in Swedish) celebrates craft and the handmade, with tactile, simple pieces created from rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth and bamboo. The range also features subtle glass and stoneware pieces, including a water carafe, jugs, bowls and plates, as well as a compact sofa, chairs and stools, pendant lamps, planters, rugs and baskets.

Råman worked with IKEA designers Nike Karlsson and Wiebke Braasch, and drew on the skills of artisan craftspeople in Poland, Indonesia and Vietnam. ‘The collection is about craft. It’s a project between the craftsmen and the designer. It has lots of energy and, for me, it represents love.’ Harnessing craft techniques from mouth-blown glass to hand-woven rattan, many pieces are unique, breaking away from Ikea’s usual sleek standardisation.

ABOVE: Renewable chic: 'Viktigt' water hyacinth hanging planter (set of two), £18; bamboo dish, available in two sizes, £9 and £12; and bamboo pendant lamp shade, also in two sizes, £20 and £30

Less is more in Råman’s book, and the collection is defined by its poetic but pared back functionality. ‘I take away, then take away some more,’ she says. Her glass jugs, for instance, are streamlined, with sculptural spouts but no handles. ‘Handles are simply non-essential.’ Pieces are designed to be ergonomic, but also to look good when on display. ‘When you’re not using the serving plates they are as beautiful just stacked together,’ says Råman.  Her palette is equally restrained, with signature clear, white and tricky-to-create black glass (the latter produced with help from expert European craftsmen).`

Always aware of touch and feel, she’s also passionate about everyday rituals. ‘Just pouring fresh water into a clear glass is in fact extraordinarily spectacular. The love of food is the basis of my interest in usable things – objects you use every day. For me every day is equally important,’ she says – so forget saving that gorgeous tableware ‘for best’!

ABOVE: Tactile 'Viktigt' tableware, including glazed black stoneware serving plates, £6.50 for a set of four, £13.25 for larger set of three; glass carafe with glass, £9.75; white serving plates, as before; clear glass jug, £6.25, bowl, £11.25 for a set of two, and bowl, £9.50 for two-pack, carafe, as before; renewable water hyacinth basket, in two sizes, £15 and £19

Some of the challenges of the natural materials proved to be an inspiration, as with the water hyacinth storage baskets. ‘I found the heavy brown fibre difficult to work with. However, resistance can be an advantage,’ recalls Råman. ‘The result was two large, patterned baskets in black and light brown, which became my favourites.’ Råman also encourages users to create patterns across various pieces, such as the reversible, black-striped seagrass rugs, which can be used in diverse combinations. ‘It’s a rhythm I’ve tried to capture.’

ABOVE: 'Viktigt's covetable craft pieces span black and clear glass; renewable seagrass flatwoven rug, £25

IKEA has just launched a book about the life and work of Ingegerd Råman, and an exhibition of her work is on show at Stockholm's Nationalmuseum this summer. ‘Viktigt’ continues the trend for quiet, low-key, natural craft-led pieces, embraced by designer Ilse Crawford in IKEA’s earlier ‘Sinnerlig’ collection, which we flagged up in our Spotlight section in May 2015. Think the opposite of built-in obsolescence. ‘I want to make objects that can live a long time without feeling out of date,’ says Råman. Now that is important…

Ikea’s ‘Viktigt’ collection launched in May 2016 and will be in global stores for a limited run of around three months. Exhibition 'Ingegerd Råman' is at Sweden's Nationalmuseum until 14 August 2016 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Sergels Torg, Stockholm, before transferring to Vandalorum art museum, Skulpturvågen 2, Vårnamo from 3 September to 27 November 2016

IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture

IKEA's fab furniture and lighting range can charge up your mobiles and devices wirelessly. Hello, smart home!


Smaller PH124337 copy.jpg

TOP IMAGE: 'Nordli' bedside table, £85, with wireless charging 
ABOVE: 'Varv' table and floor lamps, from £29 to £85, with charging; 'Varv' ceiling lamp, £34

'Charge where you are' is the mantra of IKEA's range of wireless charging furniture and lighting, in UK stores now, that lets you charge up your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the home. Ugly cable clutter is banished, as is stooping to find the plug. The Swedish homewares giant has designed two bedside tables and a choice of task, table and floor lamps with built-in charging spots, so chargers are hidden conveniently in plain sight, seamlessly integrated with your space.

'We know that people hate cable mess,' says IKEA's Jeanette Skjelmose. 'They worry about not finding the charger and running out of power. Our new innovative solutions, which integrate wireless charging into home furnishings, will make life at home simpler.' Part of IKEA's ongoing 'Home Smart' collection, options include charging pads for multiple devices and even a charging unit, 'Jyssen' (£30), which you can build into furniture yourself, or plug into a 'Stuva' or 'Micke' desk.

If your mobile doesn't support the store's wireless charging standard Qi (check here; iPhones and Samsung Galaxy aren't enabled), it also sells 'Vitahult' phone covers, from £18, that ensure compatibility. Every product also features a USB port for powering additional devices. IKEA's space-saving wireless charging range is available now in all UK IKEA stores and to buy online. Here's hoping it rolls out globally soon! Expect to see more smart-home kit trending.

Smaller PH124735 copy.jpg

ABOVE: 'Nordmärke' triple pad, £60. BELOW FROM LEFT: 'Riggad' work lamp, £50; 'Nordmärke' triple pads, £60 each; 'Varv' table lamp, £50; 'Micke' desk, £39. BELOW: 'Selje' bedside table, £50; 'Nordmärke' single pad, £30; 'Varv' lamp. All wireless charging; place device on plus sign.

Lara Bohinc x Skultuna

These chic candleholders by jewellery designer Lara Bohinc herald the arrival of Spring/Summer in the northern hemisphere. Oh you pretty things... 


The London Collection, an unbelievably dainty range of candleholders by Lara Bohinc for Swedish metalwork brand Skultuna, has become a firm Fizz favourite. Made of etched brass, the delicate lace-like designs reveal little glimpses of light and create incredible shadows. When they first appeared last year, we were immediately drawn to their beautiful brassy lustre, and the intricate Spirographic surface patterns inspired by Japanese motorways, feathers and planets orbiting around the sun. Now for Summer 2015, Bohinc has raised her game again and added sugary coral pink and cool minty green editions, a homage to the Slovenian designer's childhood holidays by the Adriatic Sea.
skultuna.com   larabohinc.com

The 'London Collection Summer Edition' is available from April. From €72.

Buster + Punch

Making LED sexy with their elegant and innovative 'Buster' bulb – the world’s first designer LED light bulb – London design firm Buster + Punch is raising the bar in lighting technologies. LED is finally having a ‘moment’. And about time too...


You don’t have to have an affinity for old-school light bulbs and switches to appreciate Buster + Punch's designs, but it certainly helps. 

Launched in 2013 by the London-born, Stockholm-based architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale (right), Buster + Punch has carved out a reputation for precision-cut lighting and beautifully crafted hardware. Mining the realms of art, music and fashion for inspiration, Minale’s rough-luxe aesthetic and passion for metalwork is matched only by his predilection for custom-built choppers, tattoos and banging tunes.

TOP: 'Buster' bulb in gold, smoked and clear crystal, £39.99 each
BELOW FROM LEFT: 'Hero' bronzed gun metal and brass chandelier, £999; 'Rockstar' whisky bar, from £2,999; 'Heavy Metal' candle holders, from £35 each

Known for their rock n’ roll designs – from bespoke drinks cabinets with quilted satin interiors to bronzed metal chandeliers and stackable candle holders in rose copper, steel and bronze – the latest addition to the label is the new 'Buster' bulb. A contemporary version of the Edison filament bulb, the teardrop-shaped glass shell houses a resin light pipe that creates a crisp, clean light quality. In a choice of gold, smoked or crystal glass, the bulbs are finished with a satin metallic sheen, so they look just as good off as they do on. Thinking of adding a lampshade? How very dare you...