Karimoku New Standard

East meets West in this neat fusion of European design and Japanese manufacturing


The Japanese have always had precision engineering down to a tee. Their particular brand of minimalism embraces that sleek invisible attention to detail that makes all the difference. Karimoku New Standard is no different in that respect, but in a stroke of genius this 70-year-old manufacturer of wooden furniture has reached out beyond the land of the rising sun to join forces with cutting-edge European designers. Using traditional Japanese hardwoods such as maple, chestnut and oak, a small design contingent from Switzerland, Sweden and Belgium have brought a modern western aesthetic to bear on a wide range of simple and pared-back products.

The soft tones of these tables, platters and bins, by Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings, are offset by graphic stripes, circles and rings printed in contrasting accent colours. Little touches, from zingy neon strips to leather pulls, are sooo fashion forward, we think they deserve a round of applause.

ABOVE: 'Colour Wood' tables
BELOW: 'Colour' platters
'Colour' bins
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