IKEA x HAY Ypperlig Collection

IKEA has teamed up with cult Danish design brand HAY to launch 'Ypperlig', a new collection of beautiful basics


When Swedish mega-brand IKEA hooked up with cult Danish design duo HAY to create a new range, we knew the results would be impressive. This week the 'Ypperlig' collection hits global stores, celebrating the beauty of basics, Scandinavian functionality and streamlined, contemporary style. Fittingly, the name means 'extraordinary'.

Inspired by architecture, art and fashion trends, design brand HAY was founded in Copenhagen in 2002, and is helmed by husband-and-wife team Rolf and Mette Hay. Using sophisticated industrial manufacturing processes, the pair design pieces for modern living, with a less-is-more aesthetic that chimes well with fellow Scandinavian homewares giant IKEA. The collaborative collection spans furniture – from a compact sofa and comfy sofa-bed to tables, a bench and decorative wall shelf – super-slim lighting and covetable accessories.

ABOVE: Featuring clean lines, muted colours and Scandi materials, the new 'Ypperlig' collection by IKEA x HAY is in stores now
ABOVE RIGHT: HAY co-founders Rolf and Mette Hay
BELOW: 'Ypperlig' ash table, £150, with vases in green, £12, and brown, £18; Indoor/outdoor 'Ypperlig' chair with armrests, in green and light grey, £40 each; 'Ypperlig' chair with armrests, with dining table and vases, as before

ABOVE: Light grey three-seat 'Ypperlig' sofa-bed, £550, constructed like a pocket-sprung mattress, with cushion covers, £5 each; 'Ypperlig' coffee tables, £35 each, with green vase, £12; Light grey 'Ypperlig' LED table lamp, £35, with built-in variable touch dimmer

Top FizzPicks include the sinuous, indoor/outdoor 'Ypperlig' armchair and chair (moulded in one piece in on-trend green or light grey); the minimal LED table light and floor lamp; three jaunty wall mirrors; a sleek ash dining table and grey-topped birch coffee table; and our favourite design, the curvy 'Ypperlig' vase in a choice of two three-tone colourways (green, blue and grey or brown, yellow and white). A trio of pretty-hued boxes with lids make savvy storage for small items, or for cute gifts check out the graphic candle holder and stationery set. Vibrant cushion covers and throws bring a softer touch (in block colours, with pared-back pattern), and HAY has even reinvented the iconic IKEA bag, updating the weaving patterns and colours. 

ABOVE: 'Ypperlig' candle holders, £3 each; 'Ypperlig' wall mirrors, in white, £20, dark red, £12, and green, £15, suitable for use in bathrooms; 'Ypperlig' cushion covers, £5 each, available in nine reversible colourways with varying patterns, beech stools, £20 each

The duo intended the collaboration to be true to IKEA, with honest, substantial products at an affordable price that would be around for a long time. 'We wanted to do something that was beautiful, well-made and usable,' says Mette Hay. 'Really good products made by IKEA and sprinkled with a bit of HAY'. Get in quick and make HAY while the sun shines!

The 'Ypperlig' collection is available in selected IKEA stores and online (see regional sites for local prices).


Spring is on its way in the UK and style-savvy birds and bees will be checking into Green&Blue's chic new design-led homes and habitats  


If you thought minimal contemporary homes were strictly for Homo sapiens, then think again. Award-winning Cornish company Green&Blue specialises in designing sleek modern habitats for garden birds and wild bees.

The smartest home for our feathered friends is the cool spherical 'Birdball Birdhouse', inspired by the form of nests. Made of slipcast clay, it can be suspended or wall-mounted and is designed to nestle among branches and shrubbery creating a piece of modernist avian architecture within a natural setting. Very Grand Designs!

Smart addresses usually come with an array of chic eateries nearby and residents of the 'Birdball' can have their very own five-star restaurant too. The 'Birdball' collection of bird feeders can be filled with tasty treats for those lucky enough to grab a spot as, like most of us have encountered these days, a no reservations policy is firmly in place...

ABOVE: The 'Birdball Seed Feeder', £55, comes in pretty colours and is open all hours
RIGHT:  The suspended 'Birdball Birdhouse', £44, has lots of room inside to raise a family. Terracotta or white?
BELOW: Busy bees can stop off at the 'Beepot', £45, and get a bite to eat at the same time from the planted area attached to the living space; Time to check out from the 'Bee Brick', £27.50

The spirit of Sixties Brutalism is alive and well with Green&Blue's concrete hotel for bees. The 'Bee Brick' has a random pattern of holes which is extremely attractive to bees looking for a room for a few nights. The brick can be placed in gardens or inserted into walls creating resting spots for bees in an urban environment. The newest addition to this range of bee-friendly accommodation is the 'Beepot' which has space for plants that provide essential nectar for hungry bees. Also made of concrete, its hipster credentials are impeccable making it the most stylish bee 'n' bee in town.

The 'Beepot' is available from March 2016

Rolfe & Wills

Bristol duo Rolfe & Wills is putting graphic pattern into tableware. Only black and white aficionados need apply!


With the bizarre trend for adult colouring books going from strength to strength, we’re relieved to see that a sense of decorum has been restored at Rolfe & Wills. You just can’t go wrong with black and white and the absence of colour in these monochromatic designs by Alice Rolfe and Chloe Wills focuses the eye on the rhythmic patterns made by the simple, almost austere use of grids and dots. Four designs – ‘Dotty’, ‘Grid, ‘Chevron’ and ‘Triangle’ – have been applied to pure white bone china mugs, organic cotton tea towels, placemats and coasters to create chic, contemporary tableware with understated style.

Hand screen-printed in Bristol in the UK, these black and white babies are modern classics that we’ll never tire of and have absolutely no desire to colour in…

ABOVE: 'Chevron' bone china mug, £12, organic cotton tea towel, £12, and hardboard coaster, £4
ABOVE RIGHT: 'Dotty' mug and tea towel, £12 each, coaster, £4
BELOW FROM LEFT: 'Triangle' mug and tea towel, £12 each, coaster, £4; 'Grid' mug and tea towel, £12 each, coaster, £4

Pen Uno X Ensso

We've been enticed back to the ancient art of handwriting by Ensso's Pen Uno, the most stylish pen we've seen in a long time...


The pen is mightier than the sword but the keyboard is way more popular these days. Now we're all emailing and texting, it's very rare we pick up a pen to write anything down anymore and when we do our handwriting is so bad that we can barely read it as we're simply out of practice. Well maybe the answer is to pick up a pen so beautifully designed that we can't wait to use it.

The Pen Uno, by Los Angeles design team Ensso, could be the cure for our illegible scribbles. Having raised funding through a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the Uno has just gone into production. Sleek, slim and minimal, it's made of anodised aluminium and comes in five seductive metallic finishes. It's light in the hand, smooth to the touch and is refillable using widely available, inexpensive Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridges. It's a neat piece of engineering too as the cap retracts to reveal the nib and doubles as a nifty holding barrel.

BELOW: Pick from silver, gold, space grey, red and on-trend rose gold; The cap slides back to reveal the nib

Our only concern is that it's likely to go missing the minute our back's turned. The quick brown fox may jump over the lazy dog but if he makes off with one of these we promise there'll be hell to pay!

Pen Uno is available to pre-order at US$35 ($10 off the retail price of $45) including worldwide shipping

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Mast, Brooklyn's best dressed chocolate bars, caught our eye during the recent London Design Festival and they're tasty, tasty, very very tasty too...


If you happen to have a sweet tooth and an eye for design then the Mast Brothers' range of prettily packaged chocolate is aimed squarely at you. After launching in Brooklyn, New York, in 2007, artisanal chocolatiers Rick and Michael Mast decided to bring their handmade confections to London in February 2015. Their standalone shop/factory in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, is where their yummy chocolate bars and drinks are made then displayed like Louboutin shoes in a designer boutique.

Mast’s Creative Director, former menswear designer Nathan Warkentin, has masterminded the graphic wrappers that adorn each bar, breaking away from traditional product pictures to favour simple, abstract packaging. For the new 2016 collection Warkentin has referenced 1970s and 80s American and Italian sculpture and architecture, creating geometric bursts of pattern and colour that are almost too beautiful to open. However, with intriguing flavours such as ‘Dominican Republic’, ‘Vanilla & Smoke’ and ‘Olive Oil’ to tempt your tastebuds, we reckon that won’t be the case for very long…

ABOVE: Cool stripes on 'Sea Salt' from the original Origins range
ABOVE RIGHT: Rick and Michael Mast, founders of Mast Brothers
BELOW: The covetable new 2016 collection

ABOVE: Mast's minimal London shop in Shoreditch. The swirling vats of chocolate are visible in the factory at the back of the store

Mast London, 19-29 Redchurch Street, London E2  mastbrothers.co.uk
Mast Brooklyn, 111 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY  mastbrothers.com