Dinosaur Designs – 'Lapis Landscape' Collection


Dazzling blue is the star of Dinosaur Designs’ new ‘Lapis Landscape’ collection of homewares and jewellery


Blue is an incredibly powerful colour, reminding us of the sea and sky. It’s by turns serene, soothing and startling, as seen in the gorgeous new ‘Lapis Landscape’ collection of resin and brass homewares and jewellery by Australian duo Dinosaur Designs.

TOP: Resin ‘Horn’ vase from 2019’s ‘Lapis Landscape’ collection by Dinosaur Designs
ABOVE: ‘Horn’ bangle, ‘Tall Stone’ jug and ‘Large Rock’ cups; ‘Mother of Pearl’ dish; assorted homewares, all from the resin ‘Lapis Landscape’ range

By creative directors Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, the range’s ‘electrifying and intense’ blue designs take their cue from lapis lazuli, a deep-blue rock and semi-precious stone prized since antiquity for its vibrant cobalt colour. Mined mainly in Afghanistan, lapis has been used for adornment on both the living and the dead (it appears on Tutankhamun’s funeral mask) and when ground down its pigment is the finest ultramarine hue, beloved by artists of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. It’s a colour that translates well to contemporary resin, drawing the eye while refreshing the soul. ‘I was inspired by the incredible jewel-like depths of the colour Lapis,’ says Olsen.

ABOVE: ‘Horn’ vase, ‘Small Stone’ jug, ‘Wide Organic Column’ vase and ‘Small Mother of Pearl’ dish; various spoons; ‘Moon’ cheese platter, ‘Stone’ cheese knife and ‘Shell’ spoon

Dramatic blues aside, ‘Lapis Landscape’ features a rich, earthy palette balanced by ivory swirls, with clay hues influenced by the red sands of the Australian Outback and gold tone accents. ‘I was also fascinated by the relationship between the ochre sand tones of central Australia and the creamy white sands of Sydney,’ says Olsen, ‘all of which translate perfectly to our handmade resin pieces.’ Forms are boldly sculptural, with new shapes including the ‘Horn’ and ‘Organic Column’ vases, complementing the classic ‘Beetle’ bowls and ‘Pearl’ dishes. Launched on 11 February, the homewares collection offers a covetable choice of vases, cups, bowls, dishes, platters, coasters, cheese knives and spoons.

ABOVE: ‘Double Circle’ drop earrings; ‘Large Horn’ earrings and jug; ‘Large Circle Drop’ earrings, ‘Horn’ bangle and ‘Medium Column’ vase; ‘Long Flute’ necklace and ‘Horn’ bangles, all from the ‘Lapis Landscape’ jewellery and homewares range

Jewellery spans rings, earrings, pendants, cuffs and bangles. Fresh additions to the range include ‘Long Flute’ and ‘Circle Drop’ earrings, with pieces such as the ‘Horn’ series of rings, earrings and cuffs combining resin and brass.

‘Lapis Landscape’ is available in Dinosaur Designs’ flagship stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London and New York as well as online. Prices start from AU$25 for a resin ‘Shell’ teaspoon, which comes in Clay Swirl, Ivory Swirl and Ivory colourways, as well as that dreamy Lapis Swirl.


Photography Victoria Zschommler; Styled by Natalie Turnbull and Heleena Trahanas; Model Alana McCoy

Nendo x WonderGlass

The Fizz takes a sneak peek at ethereal new furniture by Nendo, guaranteed to melt your heart of glass


Previewed at January’s IMM Cologne fair, ‘Melt’ is a ghostly collection of cast glass furniture by award-winning Japanese design studio Nendo in collaboration with Venetian lighting brand WonderGlass.

WonderGlass has previously produced elegant lighting ranges with design luminaries including Marcel Wanders, Jaime Hayon, John Pawson, Raw-Edges and the Bouroullec brothers, but this is the Murano-based firm’s first stab at furniture.

ABOVE: Molten slabs of glass are cast into a sculptural chair
RIGHT: Oki Sato from Nendo examines his handiwork

ABOVE FROM TOP: The ‘Melt’ collection includes side tables, chairs, a dining table and vases; Oki Sato with Maurizio Mussati of WonderGlass
BELOW FROM LEFT: The hot glass glows under the watchful eye of WonderGlass craftsmen; Up close and personal, the surface of the glass retains texture from its molten state

Nendo designer Oki Sato was taken with the properties of flowing molten glass. Having seen how the craftspeople in the WonderGlass workshops approached this lava-like material, he decided to create a set of furniture that was dictated by the natural flow of the glass. The gravity-formed ‘Melt’ range uses a special technique of removing pliable material from glass molds to process it further by hand. Hot glass sheets were laid over steel pipes and suspended between steel bars to allow the glass to cascade into shape.

Breathtakingly icy, the ‘Melt’ range will be one of the coolest collections on show on the WonderGlass stand at Salone del Mobile in Milan this April. Budding ice queens take note…
wonderglass.com  nendo.jp/en

Salone del Mobile 2019 runs from 9-14 April at Fiera Milano, S.S. del Sempione 28, 20017 Rho, Milan, Italy

IKEA Jassa Collection

IKEA's new limited edition 'Jassa' collection celebrates vibrant South-East Asian pattern and colour, from textiles to tableware


Get in a mix-and-match mood as IKEA's new limited edition 'Jassa' collection brings vibrant colour and pattern to your pad. Launched in March for Spring/Summer 2017, the range takes inspiration from South-East Asian crafts, especially Indonesia and Vietnam, from brilliant batik-influenced cotton textiles to curvy rattan loungers and rustic ceramics. The focus is on natural, handmade pieces and organic shapes for easy living, helping you escape the 9 to 5 even if you're just holidaying at home.  

ABOVE: Hand-painted stoneware 'Jassa' plates, from £3 for a side plate, £3.50 for a plate and £9.95 for a serving plate, IKEA

ABOVE: 'Jassa' floor cushions as soft seat, £10 each, with cushion cover, £4; Cushion covers on stairs, from £4 to £7, with flatwoven rug, £65; Rattan sofa, £79, with cushion covers, from £4; Cushion covers on head, £4 each; Rattan easy chair, £49, with pre-cut fabric, £12; Rattan loungers, £85 each, cushion covers, £7 each, and bamboo pendant lamp shade, £15, all IKEA

Maverick Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek is one of the key talents behind the exotic range, which aims to 'turn up the heat' by bringing summer indoors. 'Jassa' embraces light, laid-back furniture, from loungers, sofas and easy chairs to a coffee table and room divider, as well as pendant lights, cushion covers, seat pads, loose fabrics, flatweave rugs, vases and stoneware plates. Savvy storage solutions include baskets, bowls and bags, and there's even a straw hat and wind chime to get you in a tropical mood. Designs also embrace natural materials, such as cotton, rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, and bamboo.

ABOVE: 'Jassa' armchair with tightly woven seat, £39, and cotton cushion covers, £4 each
BELOW FROM LEFT: The 'Jassa' collection includes bags, £9 each, in assorted colours; Bamboo coffee table, £25, with stoneware side plate, £3, floor cushions, £10, each, cushion cover, £4, and blue chair pads, £5 each; Pre-cut 'Jassa' fabric, £12 each, cushion covers, £4 each, and flatwoven rugs, £25 (back) and £65 (front), all IKEA

Pattern- and colour-clash are part of 'Jassa''s charm. 'There are lots of competing colours: pinks and yellows and blues and greens. To begin with, you wonder how they can possibly work together. But in the end they just do!' says range designer Paulin Machado. Handmade in collaboration with skilled Asian craftsmen, many pieces are also unique. 'Jassa ceramics are all sprinkle-glazed by hand,' says designer Iina Vuorivirta. 'It's not a controlled industrial process so they all turn out slightly different!' While Piet Hein Eek hoped to achieve 'simple efficiency', creative leader Karin Gustavsson wanted to transform familiar hand-woven natural fibre and batik textiles into 'something new and exciting'. We think they succeeded...
IKEA's 'Jassa' collection is in global stores for a limited period only from March 2017. See regional websites for local prices

Habitat Spring/Summer 2016

DF Habitat Garden 63_RGB.jpg

Fed up with the blustery British winter? Have a sneak peek at what Habitat has in store for us this Spring and you'll turn that frown upside down...


It may be winter outside in the UK, but in our hearts it's spring. The grey skies have us yearning for some colour in our lives and, luckily, interiors store Habitat's 2016 Spring/Summer collection is giving us something to look forward to.

Zingy pops of colour contrasting with sultry blacks, bent woods, raw handmade accessories and industrial styling are the key looks we've homed in on. There's nothing to frighten the horses here, just interesting details to add a little spark to our homes. And sometimes that's all we need...

ABOVE: Red is a perennial favourite bringing warmth and drama to every room. 'Velo' table, £450; 'Pedley' modular storage unit, £795  
ABOVE RIGHT: Cushions to make you smile. From left, 'Fido', £12; 'Porta', £40


'Avia' rattan furniture Ah rattan, how we've missed you! The sinuous Seventies styling of the 'Avia' seating collection has us pining for another series of The Good Life. This time round though it's more sculptural; the oversized armchair is very Patricia Urquiola but at a fraction of the price...

ABOVE FROM LEFT: 'Avia' rattan tall chair, £250; bench, £295; small chair, £150

'Maine' and 'Patty' rugs Zingy geometrics always boost our mood. We love the way a concentrated area of pattern and colour can inject so much life into a room. The 'Maine' rug contrasts zig-zags and stripes in hot oranges; the 'Patty' rug's grid of multicoloured dots mixes fresh lime green, luscious pink and sultry grey to dramatic effect.

'Maine' flat weave rug, £120; 'Patty' flat weave rug, £65, both 140cm x 200cm

'Lucia' bed Green is still trending in the home. It swept through interiors like wild grass last year and doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon. The powder-coated metal 'Lucia' bed is an update of a classic Habitat design (we had the black one back in the day) in the colour du jour.

'Lucia' double bed, £295

'Turini' cutlery At the other end of the colour spectrum is this deeply sexy cutlery set in jet black. Made of matt brushed steel, each piece is light in the hand and is a great example of stylish utilitarian design. We can't wait to get our hands on these...

'Turini' 16-piece black-finish cutlery set, £95

'Tirado', 'Leri', 'Peppae' and 'Layo' vases Craft is brought to the fore with these new vases and ceramics from Habitat's Spring/Summer collection. We particularly like the handblown 'Tirado' glass pieces with their ombré hues and the totemic 'Leri' vases which feature strong block colours. The naive quality of the painterly 'Peppae' and textured 'Layo' vases emphasise the hand of the maker; a little irregularity is no bad thing.

FROM LEFT: 'Tirado' medium vase, £25; 'Tirado' tall vase, £30; 'Leri' small bottle vase, £40; 'Leri' tall bottle vase, £40; 'Peppae' patterned vase, £40; 'Layo' scratch vase, £40

'Smithfield' sofa This oversized curvy leather sofa blows up Aaron Probyn's original 'Smithfield' chair design and makes it bigger and better. The extra deep seat and wide cushions give it major snuggle factor, perfect for dozing off on. Keen-eyed design fans may notice echoes of Matthew Hilton's classic 'Balzac' chair but this black beauty is thrice the size and thrice as sociable. 

'Smithfield' three-seater leather sofa, £3,600

SHOT 16 - NEW VASES SUMMARY OpB 140957_RGb.jpg

'Miles' shelving You can never have enough storage and this clever modular system allows you to add on pieces as and when you need them. But whereas most storage units take a back seat to their contents, the vivid green 'Miles' shelving system refuses to be ignored. Freestanding, it can be used as a room divider too making it truly versatile.

'Miles' shelving units from £250 per unit

'Cabot' lamp Here at the Fizz we're big fans of the industrial look but a little goes a long way in most homes. Enter the 'Cabot' table lamp with its twisted metal arm and scrapyard chic. We love that it looks like we just knocked it up ourselves and the way it sends out shafts of light through its perforated shade.  

'Cabot' table lamp, £55

The Habitat Spring/Summer collection is available from February 2016

Hanna Kruse

Small and perfectly formed, the 'Soe' collection by Hanna Kruse is understated and elegant, proving once again that less is definitely more


'Little things mean a lot' sang Kitty Kallen in 1954. Fast forward to 2014 and German designer Hanna Kruse thinks so too. Her beautiful ceramic vessels are designed to contain and display the small objects we cherish.

When her 'Soe Cup' series debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2013, the upper echelons of the design community went into a bit of a feeding frenzy. The restrained colour palette and minimal graphic lids ticked all the right boxes, so much so that a set of limited edition silkscreen prints of the lid design is now available to buy.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana, these lovely little bowls are also perfect for mini floral arrangements. Whether it's a few sprigs of herbs in the kitchen or a small posy in the bedroom, your inner florist can bloom.

Now the luxe factor has been upped with the arrival of 'Soe Limited Editions' museum quality pieces. Each one is numbered and comes with a certificate guaranteeing its limited status. The colour palette of gorgeous greys and pastels has been extended and the lids now come in three precious metals. Silver, copper and gold lend their lustre to create covetable mini sculptures that need no further embellishment. Perhaps if you've been very good this year, Santa might just leave one or two for you under the tree at Christmas...

ABOVE: 'Soe Limited Editions' from €415
ABOVE RIGHT: 'Soe Limited Prints' €85