Diptyque has dazzled us with an array of desirable fragrances and accessories inspired by its original incarnation in St Germain, Paris 


When it first opened its doors at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris, in 1961, Diptyque was quite different from the fine fragrance brand we know today. Founded by a painter, an interior designer and a set designer, its store was more of a global bazaar, selling fabrics and curios from around the world.

In homage to these cosmopolitan roots, Diptyque has launched the ‘34 Collection’ and '34 Bazaar', which feature candles, golden filigree and marbled candleholders, scent diffusers and stationery. There are graphic notebooks, notecards and calendars sporting reworked patterns from the brand’s archives, a ceramic diffuser in the shape of a bird (inspired by the decorated decoy fowl that were once sold in the original boutique) and three new scented candles, including DesignFizz fave ‘Le Redouté’, based on a pungent rose-and-spice potpourri recipe rumoured to date back to the Elizabethan era. With so many alluring accessories to choose from, it's nothing short of a total treat for finely tuned senses...

TOP RIGHT: Limited-edition notebooks, £15 each
ABOVE FROM LEFT: Scented candles; 'Curiosités''Les Lilas', from £48, 'Le Redouté' (with marbled holder), £55. 'Essences Insensées' solid perfume, £38
BELOW FROM LEFT: ‘Oiseau’ diffuser, £10; ‘Paysage’ and ‘Feuillages’ candle holders, £100 each