Maison Francis Kurkdjian

We've fallen for a pair of sensuous new fragrances from Parisian parfumier du jour Francis Kurkdjian


Francis Kurkdjian’s new ‘Féminin Pluriel’ and ‘Masculin Pluriel’ fragrances are the French perfumer’s attempt to capture the ‘eternal masculine and feminine’ in scent. Timelessness is a notoriously hard quality to pin down, and while both perfumes are clearly striving for classic status, they’re not lacking a modern twist. ‘Masculin’ is a hybrid of two traditional scent families, the fougère and the woody-leather accord; ‘Féminin’ injects a chypre accent into a grand floral bouquet, with vetiver and patchouli lending a peachskin freshness to iris, rose, jasmine and lily of the valley.

We love the 1950s-style pink and grey colour scheme – it’s almost enough to make us buy both...

‘Masculin Pluriel’ eau de toilette, £110 for 70ml; ‘Féminin Pluriel’ eau de toilette, £120 for 70ml