DF Byredo Bath Oil Bal D'Afrique.jpg

Add a little drop of luxe to your bath time with this aromatic new bath oil from Byredo


Swedish brand Byredo does some of the best looking – and best smelling, of course – perfumes in the business. The Stockholm-based fragrance house has just launched its first bath oil, which comes in this elegant glass bottle. Currently, there’s only one fragrance available – the lovely ‘Bal d’Afrique’, a citrusy blend of bergamot, lemon and neroli underpinned by African marigold and black amber – but here’s hoping there are more to follow. A body wash, cream, soap, roll-on oil and body lotion are also available or slip the eau de parfum into your bag if you need a little spritz throughout the day...

'Bal d'Afrique' bath oil, £88 for 250ml