& Other Stories

These elegant candles by & Other Stories are a perfect addition to cool, minimal spaces. The scent of fashion has arrived... 


Swedish fashion and lifestyle store & Other Stories is known for its colourful, contemporary clothes, but we’ve also long been fans of its graphically packaged make-up and skincare. Now it has branched out with a new collection of four scented candles. Created by New York perfumer Jérome Epinette of renowned fragrance specialist Robertet, they’re inspired by specific locations in the & Other Stories ateliers in Paris and Stockholm. ‘2ème Arrondissement’, for example, is a delicate rose-petal scent made in homage to a marble staircase in the Paris space; ‘Studion’ is a warm, welcoming fig-and-cardamom fragrance that recalls the brand's concrete photography studio in Stockholm.

'Studion', '2ème Arondissement', 'La Cour Jardin' and '7:e Vaningen' candles, £17 each