Fornasetti Profumi

Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto Collection 1.jpg

Bring the essence of an Italian country garden indoors with this heady new scent from Fornasetti Profumi


Fornasetti Profumi’s latest home fragrance collection combines a fresh, herbal scent with strikingly surreal design. The ceramic holders are decorated with a fusion of three patterns from the archive of Piero Fornasetti, reinterpreted by his son Barnaba: one of rather furtive owls, another of stone balustrades and a third of lush foliage. The scent itself mixes notes of cypress, ivy, thyme, cedarwood and vetiver, and is intended to evoke a dreamlike Italian garden. Now that's la dolce vita right under your nose...

BELOW FROM LEFT: Large ‘Giardino di Segreto’ scented candle, £380;
room spray, £85; small scented candle, £99