Hey, Good Looking!

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Our beauty parlour's looking sharp (and so are we) with these stylish new skincare ranges from Kenzo and Verso


That minimalist streak for which the Scandinavians are famous doesn’t just apply to furniture and fashion, as new Swedish beauty brand Verso amply demonstrates. Its packaging is an intelligent reflection of its anti-ageing concept: ‘verso’ is Latin for ‘reverse’ – in the sense of the rear view of a painting, a layer of new skin hidden beneath the old, or turning back time – and the monochrome boxes feature reversed graphic numerals, each of the six products in the range having its own number.

The products themselves owe their effectiveness to Retinol 8, a new form of vitamin A that’s eight times more powerful than conventional retinol, but without any of the side effects often associated with this ingredient (such as redness and dryness). We think their ability to make a lacklustre complexion radiant, translucent and youthful is truly remarkable...

Prices start at £32. Visit versoskincare.com for stockists

If you've admired Kenzo’s elegant yet modern scent bottles in the past you'll love the Japanese brand’s new ‘Kenzoki’ skincare range, whose packaging is designed by renowned French art director Fabien Baron. There are two lines – a main collection featuring ombré-effect pastel colours, and a premium collection named after Luis Buñuel’s 1967 movie Belle de Jour, decorated with white lotus flowers. White lotus is also a key ingredient in the products, alongside other traditional Asian plants such as rice and ginger flower. Each product is delicately scented, reflecting Kenzo’s belief that beauty treatments should be a pleasure to use. 

ABOVE: Pretty, clean and crisp, the premium 'Belle de Jour' range. Prices from £66 
ABOVE RIGHT: We love the futuristic sci-fi feel of the main Kenzoki collection. Prices from £16.50

Kenzoki skincare is available exclusively in the UK at feelunique.com. Visit kenzoparfums.com for all other stockists