Ramón Monegal

Good Spanish perfume houses can be counted on one hand so the birth of a new brand is very big news indeed. Step forward Ramón Monegal, whose debut collection of fine fragrances is about to make its mark on the international stage...


Ramón Monegal belongs to the fourth generation of Spain’s most celebrated family of perfumers, who once supplied the Spanish royal family with fine scents. Having spent decades creating perfumes for other brands, the Barcelona-based artisan has recently set up his own eponymous perfume house, which has just launched in the UK.

Its debut ‘Memorias’ collection is hugely intriguing – complex, traditionally structured fragrances that are clearly from a Spanish tradition, a revelation to many perfume lovers schooled in the French way of doing things. Monegal is particularly skilled in the use of exotic woody notes such as the dry, intense agarwood, but he also loves classically Spanish ingredients such as Mandarin orange and orange blossom. The latter are integral to ‘Entre Naranjos’, a heavenly citrus scent. Like each of the 14 perfumes in the collection, it comes packaged in a handmade glass-and-Bakelite bottle in the shape of an inkwell, a tribute to one of Monegal's biggest inspirations, literature.

The 'Memorias' collection, €130 for 50ml eau de parfum