The characteristics of some of the world's most iconic fabrics are captured in a range of heady perfumes by Italian fragrance house Uermi


Uermi (pronounced ‘wear me’) is a new collection of scents inspired by luxury fabrics and materials. Made in Italy, and created by three French noses (Antoine Lie, Jean Jacques and Philippe Bousseton), the range draws on the affinity both fragrance and clothing have with the body, worn next to your skin. Choose from cashmere, velvet, silk, suede, tweed, latex or denim. 'Cashmere' is a soft, warm blend of bergamot, grey amber, sandalwood and vanilla, while 'Silk' is as light and clean as you’d expect from a featherweight negligee, fusing notes of grapefruit, dill, tangerine and cypress. We're loving the decidedly provocative 'Latex' (right) – you'll just have to try it to see what we mean...

Uermi fragrances, £105 each for 75ml, available from Roullier White