Serge Lutens

The discreet neo-classical packaging of 'La religieuse', a new fragrance from visionary French parfumeur, photographer and stylist Serge Lutens, belies a deeply unconventional scent within...


Never one to shy away from controversy, Serge Lutens is the man behind some of the perfume world’s most eccentric fragrances. Having previously given us the fabulous 'Tubéreuse criminelle', which weeds out the faint-hearted with a strange top note of burnt rubber before mellowing into a gloriously creamy white floral, he’s now offered up 'La religieuse' (‘the nun’), which blends innocence and darkness to curious effect. Jasmine, incense and musk are among the notes we detect (Lutens never declares his ingredients). Commenting enigmatically on his new scent, he simply states, 'Deliver us from Good! Jasmine petals are as white as snow. Black is my religion!' If you like a perfume that confounds expectations, Lutens is your man.

'La religieuse', £88 for 50ml. Available from