Iceland, the home of hot springs, volcanoes and Björk, has brought us Bioeffect, an ethical skincare brand with Nobel credentials


Beneath its rather appealing humbug-striped green and white packaging, Icelandic brand Bioeffect’s products pack a powerful technological punch. Its intensive 30-day treatment programme, a high-potency serum, produces a staggering set of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of the kind that make you think they must have been doctored (they haven’t): wrinkles smoothed away, and plumper skin. It’s all down to Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a Nobel-Prize-winning protein molecule discovered in the 1980s which triggers skin cells to renew themselves. Until recently, it could only be produced in E.coli bacteria or extracted from human tissue, but the Icelandic biotechnology company behind Bioeffect found a way to construct a new gene in barley, thus creating an ethical, sustainable source. This being Iceland, renewable energy from a geothermal power station is used to cultivate the barley before its seeds are milled and the EGF extracted. 

As well as the 30-day treatment, there’s also a night serum, day cream, volcanic exfoliator, body serum and a new day serum to keep the ravages of time at bay. This is hi-tech skincare of the sustainable kind, no needles required...

ABOVE: 'Bioeffect 30 Day Treatment', £210. The rest of the range starts at £30.