Fornasetti - La Notte di Capri

Fornasetti Profumi - Scented Candle - La Notte di Capri CROP.jpg

As autumn takes hold in the UK, Fornasetti's sultry midnight sky over the isle of Capri reminds us of long summer nights spent gazing at the stars


Italian designer Piero Fornasetti adored Capri, even opening a store there at one point in the 1960s. The patterns he created influenced by this iconic island in the Gulf of Naples remain enduring favourites among his fans. Fornasetti Profumi already has a Capri-inspired scented candle in its collection – ‘Sole di Capri’, which comes in a ceramic holder decorated with sunbursts and whitewashed buildings typical of the Capri skyline. Now it has launched a nocturnal version, ‘La Notte di Capri’: the herby, citrusy scent is the same, but this time the skies on the holder are a deep midnight blue. La bella notte! 

'La Notte di Capri', from £115 for 300gm