Pour Toujours

Martine Denisot's elegant range of fragrances, Pour Toujours, is the result of a close encounter with the House of Chanel...


Martine Denisot was head of communication at the National Irish Tourist Board for 25 years before a chance meeting with the great Chanel nose Jacques Polge catapulted her into the world of perfumery. Polge allowed her privileged access to the Chanel laboratories, where she studied her craft for a year. More training followed, but Denisot has retained an appealingly instinctive approach to composing scent that’s tangible in her new brand, Pour Toujours (For All Time). She loves cocooning fragrances that seek to emulate in scent what the ‘Slow Movement’ has achieved in cookery.

ABOVE FROM LEFT: 'Bootylicious', 'Graines', 'Pyrus', 'Boule De Gomme', 'Tudo Bem!', 'Khamsin', €160 for 100ml eau de parfum. Also available in the UK from liberty.co.uk
ABOVE RIGHT: Martine Denisot, founder of Pour Toujours

Denisot's collection of six fragrances includes ‘Boule de Gomme’, a gourmand delight that recreates the childhood memory of old-fashioned gumdrops, with notes of orange blossom and lavender; ‘Bootylicious’, whose fleshy quince note recalls fruit from the gardens in her native Berry region; and our favourite, ‘Khamsin’. This honeyed scent with notes of jasmine, hay and beeswax was inspired by a hot wind that blows in Middle Eastern countries.

The packaging design is beautiful, too, with white porcelain stoppers in tribute to Denisot’s grandparents, who were porcelain makers in Limoges (their sleek, contemporary forms, by Philippe Di Méo, were made to be lifted and cradled between two fingers, in a precise, pleasing gesture). The scroll motif, based on the Möbius strip, is a symbol of infinity with no beginning and no end. Pour toujours...