Fornasetti Profumi - Three of a kind

Fornasetti Profumi, the fragrant arm of Italian design house Fornasetti, brings its unique sense of style and humour to three seductive new candles...


Three new candle designs by Fornasetti Profumi – and a completely new scent – have got us hooked. First up is ‘Armature’, a design by Piero Fornasetti’s son Barnaba that shows Fornasetti’s muse Lina Cavalieri adorned with glistening platinum armour. ‘Pennini Nero’, with its design of gold and silver pen nibs, is sure to appeal to architects and graphic designers. Both 'Armature' and 'Pennini Nero' are scented with 'Otto', Fornasetti Profumi's signature fragrance of incense and aromatic Mediterranean herbs. Finally ‘L’Eclaireuse’ is a black-and-gold candleholder depicting Cavalieri as half princess, half pirate. It’s this design that has been chosen to hold Fornasetti’s new scent, the wood-spicy ‘Mistero’. Developed by famous French fragrance house Robertet, it blends pepper and cypress with incense, patchouli and cedarwood.

ABOVE FROM LEFT: 'L'Eclaireuse', 'Pennini Nero', 'Armature', scented candles from £125 for 300gm

Available from October in the UK from Selfridges and Harrods