New London scent label Gallivant creates fragrance for urban explorers


The jauntily named Gallivant is a new London fragrance label created by Nick Steward, former product and creative director of L’Artisan Parfumeur. Working with female perfumers Paris-based Karine Chevallier and Venice-based Giorgia Navarra, his first collection of unisex fragrances is inspired by travel and seeks to capture the spirit of six cities: Berlin, Brooklyn, London, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Istanbul.

Two of our faves include 'London', which features notes of rose (think Columbia Road flower market) with a sense of ‘wetness’ evoked by cucumber and violet leaves – just like the real thing, minus the traffic fumes. 'Tel Aviv' is the opposite – a hot, beachy fragrance with clementine, jasmine sambac and spicy benzoin. Abstract maps appear on each box and the bottles, topped with duck egg-blue stoppers, are daintily small. Why? ‘As someone who has travelled a lot, who has lived and commuted between various cities, I wanted airport-friendly sized products for the modern nomad,’ says Steward. Even more compact 2ml sprays of each scent, and a 'Discovery Set' selection of four sprays, are perfect for globetrotting. That’s our next holiday fragrance sorted...

ABOVE: Gallivant's new unisex eau de parfums: 'Tel Aviv', 'Brooklyn', 'Istanbul', 'London', 'Berlin' 
and 'Amsterdam', £65 each for 30ml
ABOVE RIGHT FROM TOP: Nick Steward, travel-obsessed founder of London indie fragrance brand Gallivant; Each box has a map of the named destination