South Korean scent sensation Soohyang's excellent fragrant designs are full of feel-good factor. Life is better when you smell nice!



You could say that Kim Soohyang was destined to create a perfume brand: Soohyang means ‘excellent fragrance’ in Korean and is the name of her eponymous, 2013-launched scent label. The Seoul native now runs Villa Soohyang, a colourful store with blue exterior and graphic interior decoration, in the city’s famous Gangnam district. Here she sells her collection of 33 scented candles – designed to be used like a fragrance wardrobe, layered and changed with the seasons – alongside room sprays shaped like spray guns, scented matches, beeswax tablets for cupboards, and car fragrances that, unlike most, look and smell wonderful.

ABOVE: Soohyang's customisable Gift Set Box, here including 'Itaewon 565' candle, £36 for 200g, 'Raindrops' home spray, £40 for 250ml, wax tablet, £14 for 40g, wick trimmer, £9, and black scented matches, £7
ABOVE RIGHT FROM TOP: Car fragrance, £14 for 10g; Scented matches, £7 a box
BELOW: 'Itaewon 565' diffuser set, £50 for 300ml, including clear sealed scent bottle, signature dark brown diffuser and reeds (lasts 2-3 months)

ABOVE: Gangnam style! The fragrant temple of Villa Soohyang, the brand's flagship, blue-hued boutique in Seoul, South Korea, set in a renovated old house in Gangnam's Sinsa-dong quarter

Everything is packaged in Soohyang's signature pink and black with bold lettering, with custom labels available so you can add a name or message to your candle or diffuser purchase. Our favourite scents include the comforting ‘Honey’ and bestselling green floral ‘Itaewon 565’, named after the original Seoul store’s address, which smells like a lilac tree in bloom. Soohyang’s collection has just arrived at Fenwick in London, so Europeans can now experience it too. Excellent news...  @soohyangofficial

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