Trudon Perfumes


Trudon is the first fragrance line from the fabulous French scented candle label. We smell a success story!


Having loved Cire Trudon candles for many a year, we were faint with excitement when the brand announced it was launching a range of wearable perfumes. Named simply ‘Trudon’ – the word ‘Cire’ (‘wax’) having been dropped for obvious reasons – the collection includes five scents, all presented in bottles with heavy fluted green glass caps. These were created by French product designer Pauline Deltour to harmonise with Cire Trudon’s classic green candle glasses.

'The bottle sits perfectly in the hand and is pleasant to the eye,' says Deltour, who collaborated with Brosse Glassworks on the transparent design, inspired by blocks of crystal. 'I perfected its dimensions to underline the domed neck on top of which the rippled-glass cap sits. Elegantly placed in a cut-out window, the label seems to be framed.'

TOP: The 'Bruma' wearable perfume by Trudon comes in a sleek glass bottle topped by a chic pine-green cap
ABOVE: Trudon's genderless fragrances 'Mortel', 'Olim', 'Révolution' and 'II' ('Deux') offer a modern, subversive take on themes including royalty, religion and revolution

Three perfumers have composed the scents: Frenchmen Antoine Lie and Yann Vasnier and British nose Lyn Harris. The latter is responsible for ‘Révolution’, the scent that will feel most familiar to Cire Trudon fans: its notes of smoke, wood, leather and incense are intended to evoke the raw intensity of France’s Revolutionary era. Harris has also contributed ‘II’ (pronounced 'Deux'), a limpid green fragrance with pine, juniper and cedar inspired by a forest. Lie’s ‘Bruma’ is the softest of all, containing lavender, iris and labdanum. It is also the most feminine – although the entire collection is intended to be worn by both sexes. Love at first sniff.

Trudon perfumes, £165 each for 100ml. Available exclusively from and