Guerlain – 'L'Essentiel' + 'Météorites x Bernardaud'

French beauty house Guerlain is launching ultra-covetable makeup with stellar new packaging for 2019. Futuristic and glamorous, it’s a world where sharp design and must-have products collide


To have and to hold. Half of the allure of a fabulous, well-performing beauty product is not in the juice, the powder or the cream but in the craveability of the packaging. That smooth, contoured gold that fits perfectly in the hand, that Parisian script font, that too-pretty-to-use embossed lipstick – it all adds up to prime position on your dressing table. 

Guerlain knows this. Delivering glamour on every front, the Spring 2019 collection by the French beauty brand is divine. Take for instance the new ’L’Essentiel’ foundation. Yes, it’s made with 97% naturally-derived ingredients that promise an all-day natural glow, but what seals the deal is the curvy, cute, asymmetric bottle by designer Mathieu Lehanneur which features a golden globe precariously balanced on top. All of this is lovely and that’s before we even start applying. 

ABOVE: Multi-coloured ‘Météorites x Bernardaud’ face powder pearls by Guerlain come in a futuristic new limited edition white porcelain sphere
RIGHT: Guerlain’s ‘L’Essentiel’ foundation flaunts a curvy, gold-topped bottle

For anyone with a thing for brushes the swish ’L’Essentiel’ retractable foundation brush, also by French talent Lehanneur, is super-ergonomic and a pleasure to use. Designed especially for the new foundation, the bristles are treated with natural bamboo charcoal to remain clean and fresh after use. We want the foundation. We really want the brush. 

ABOVE: Guerlain’s ergonomic ‘L’Essentiel’ retractable foundation brush is a pleasure to use

Guerlain’s legendary ’Météorites’ powder pearls have also been given a galactic new look for 2019. Creative director Olivier Échaudemaison has collaborated with Limoges porcelain house Bernardaud to encase these cult violet-scented, face-powder pearls in a white porcelain sphere. Embossed with star-crossed constellations, it’s a perfect example of how to do luxurious beauty packaging. To infinity and beyond…

L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation’, £44 for 30ml, is available from selected retailers including Selfridges or online at Limited edition ‘Météorites x Bernardaud Powder Pearls’, £150, available exclusively from Harrods

Maison Francis Kurkdjian – 'Les Maisons de la Maison'

MFK - Collection bougies Maisons de la Maison2.jpg

Five scented candles by Paris fragrance house Maison Francis Kurkdjian inspired by homes sweet homes...


We’ve covered Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s perfumes ('Pluriel', 'À La Rose', 'Lumière Noire') several times in the past, but the Parisian nose’s new collection of scented candles has us more enraptured than ever. Entitled ‘Les Maisons de la Maison’, the range includes five fragrances, each inspired by homes that are dear to Kurkdjian.

TOP: Maison Francis Kurkdjian's five-strong new 'Les Maisons de la Maison' scented candle range. ABOVE: Candles include red-lined 'Rue des Groselliers', pink-hued 'Anouche', black-edged 'Au 17', green-lined 'La Trouverie' and yellow-rimmed 'Les Tamaris'. €70 each for 9.8 oz

'Rue des Groselliers’, for instance, represents his childhood home outside Paris with berry notes inspired by the family garden; ‘Anouche’ recaptures the smell of rose-petal jam cooking in his grandmother’s apartment; and ‘Au 17’ symbolises his current Paris home with the aromas of log fires and incense. 'La Trouverie' channels a French farmstead; 'Les Tamaris' his French West coast beach house. Each candle comes in a precious Limoges porcelain holder lined with rich colour, while boxes feature romantic illustrations by Paris artist Antonin Anzil.

Pour Toujours

Martine Denisot's elegant range of fragrances, Pour Toujours, is the result of a close encounter with the House of Chanel...


Martine Denisot was head of communication at the National Irish Tourist Board for 25 years before a chance meeting with the great Chanel nose Jacques Polge catapulted her into the world of perfumery. Polge allowed her privileged access to the Chanel laboratories, where she studied her craft for a year. More training followed, but Denisot has retained an appealingly instinctive approach to composing scent that’s tangible in her new brand, Pour Toujours (For All Time). She loves cocooning fragrances that seek to emulate in scent what the ‘Slow Movement’ has achieved in cookery.

ABOVE FROM LEFT: 'Bootylicious', 'Graines', 'Pyrus', 'Boule De Gomme', 'Tudo Bem!', 'Khamsin', €160 for 100ml eau de parfum. Also available in the UK from
ABOVE RIGHT: Martine Denisot, founder of Pour Toujours

Denisot's collection of six fragrances includes ‘Boule de Gomme’, a gourmand delight that recreates the childhood memory of old-fashioned gumdrops, with notes of orange blossom and lavender; ‘Bootylicious’, whose fleshy quince note recalls fruit from the gardens in her native Berry region; and our favourite, ‘Khamsin’. This honeyed scent with notes of jasmine, hay and beeswax was inspired by a hot wind that blows in Middle Eastern countries.

The packaging design is beautiful, too, with white porcelain stoppers in tribute to Denisot’s grandparents, who were porcelain makers in Limoges (their sleek, contemporary forms, by Philippe Di Méo, were made to be lifted and cradled between two fingers, in a precise, pleasing gesture). The scroll motif, based on the Möbius strip, is a symbol of infinity with no beginning and no end. Pour toujours...