Juliette Has A Gun

The pictures say it all; the insouciance and devil-may-care soignée that the French do so well is encapsulated in two new perfumes by Parisian parfumeur Juliette Has A Gun


As signalled by its quirky name, French perfume label Juliette Has A Gun has an irreverent take on the clichés of the perfume world. Its latest offering, ‘Another Oud’, hints sardonically at the deluge of fragrances based on the precious Middle Eastern wood currently flooding the market (many of which contain no genuine oud at all). The perfume’s name ‘says out loud what people think silently,’ claims the brand, hopefully inspiring ‘a certain curiosity’. By combining oud wood with surprising notes of raspberry and bergamot, it certainly offers a new perspective on the material; the inclusion of cutting-edge synthetic Normlimbanol – declared ‘a genius molecule’ by fragrance expert Chandler Burr for its ability to convey a patchouli-like dryness – also piques our interest. But is it just another oud? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Juliette Has A Gun has also launched ‘Gentlewoman’, a modern eau de cologne. Brand founder Romano Ricci says it offers women ‘a dash of dandy’ and is aimed at ‘the spiritual heirs of Oscar Wilde’. Don’t be fooled by the gender-bending thing, though: this is a million miles from entirely sexless ‘unisex’ fragrances. Instead, expect an androgynous voluptuary along the lines of Serge Gainsbourg or Marlene Dietrich, sporting a blend of ultra-feminine neroli, almond essence and orange blossom contrasted with earthy Ambroxan and musks.

Fans of fonts with a flourish will love the bold packaging, inspired by the idea of the 'innocent Juliet of Shakespeare transposed to the 21st century with a gun.' It's a brand identity symbolising both the liberation of women and perfume as a weapon of seduction (even revenge) – or in graphic terms 'tradition with a zest of provocation.'

‘Another Oud’, €120 for 100ml; ‘Gentlewoman’, from €85 for 50ml