Byredo – 'Unnamed'

Created in 2016 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Swedish fragrance house Byredo, the limited edition ‘Unnamed’ perfume is back. Enjoy it while you can…


The paradigms of perfume are shifting. It’s less cool to buy into a campaign image. It’s cooler to buy into niche. It’s extra cool to buy into a perfume when you don’t even know its smell. Or at least you do, but you have to identify it for yourself.

Always ahead of the curve, Swedish cult brand Byredo has relaunched its limited edition fragrance ‘Unnamed’. Back by popular demand, the perfume is literally unnamed – the point being to create olfactory associations of your own. Scent is subjective, after all, so this allows for your own thoughtful interpretations to flex their might. Minus ingredient cues, minus advertising, simply how does it make you feel?

Clever to the core, Byredo founder and creative director Ben Gorham has left the white label of ‘Unnamed’ blank, so you can call it whatever you like. The scent comes with a set of chic black transfers, including the letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks, symbols and signs, so you can add your own monogrammed title or just handwrite a name in the space. This is hyper-personalisation, courageous, creative and open to ideas. 

‘The names of the Byredo fragrances often describe the origin of an idea, a thought that leads to a brief presented to the perfumer,’ explains Gorham. ‘With fragrance being completely subjective these names spark the imagination of the perfumer and finally the customer. They each experience the fragrance even before they smell the ingredients in the bottle. We still find it fascinating that people interpret our fragrances in so many ways.’

Gorham continues: ‘To celebrate Byredo’s 10-year anniversary we created an unnamed fragrance that allows our customers to choose a name meaningful to them, and customise the label of their bottle. This is our way of celebrating the notion and uniqueness of smell and an opportunity to thank our partners, retailers and staff as well as the loyal customers who have supported and grown Byredo to what it is today.’

For people interested in the different messages it is possible to get across through perfume, and the effect it has on how we live and think, this concept is for you. For me, this fragrance is all violets and soft suede. I just need to work on the name…

‘Unnamed’ eau de parfum re-edition, £160 for 100ml, is available now from select retailers and


South Korean scent sensation Soohyang's excellent fragrant designs are full of feel-good factor. Life is better when you smell nice!



You could say that Kim Soohyang was destined to create a perfume brand: Soohyang means ‘excellent fragrance’ in Korean and is the name of her eponymous, 2013-launched scent label. The Seoul native now runs Villa Soohyang, a colourful store with blue exterior and graphic interior decoration, in the city’s famous Gangnam district. Here she sells her collection of 33 scented candles – designed to be used like a fragrance wardrobe, layered and changed with the seasons – alongside room sprays shaped like spray guns, scented matches, beeswax tablets for cupboards, and car fragrances that, unlike most, look and smell wonderful.

ABOVE: Soohyang's customisable Gift Set Box, here including 'Itaewon 565' candle, £36 for 200g, 'Raindrops' home spray, £40 for 250ml, wax tablet, £14 for 40g, wick trimmer, £9, and black scented matches, £7
ABOVE RIGHT FROM TOP: Car fragrance, £14 for 10g; Scented matches, £7 a box
BELOW: 'Itaewon 565' diffuser set, £50 for 300ml, including clear sealed scent bottle, signature dark brown diffuser and reeds (lasts 2-3 months)

ABOVE: Gangnam style! The fragrant temple of Villa Soohyang, the brand's flagship, blue-hued boutique in Seoul, South Korea, set in a renovated old house in Gangnam's Sinsa-dong quarter

Everything is packaged in Soohyang's signature pink and black with bold lettering, with custom labels available so you can add a name or message to your candle or diffuser purchase. Our favourite scents include the comforting ‘Honey’ and bestselling green floral ‘Itaewon 565’, named after the original Seoul store’s address, which smells like a lilac tree in bloom. Soohyang’s collection has just arrived at Fenwick in London, so Europeans can now experience it too. Excellent news...  @soohyangofficial

The Soohyang fragrance range is available in the UK from

Atelier Cologne – Jasmin Angélique

Atelier Cologne's latest scent has breezed in just in time for Christmas. If Santa leaves any of these fragrant goodies in our stocking we'll be very happy bunnies indeed...


Behind every Atelier Cologne perfume, there’s a complex narrative, and the new ‘Jasmin Angélique’ is no exception. In this case, it’s all about a mysterious path to a secret garden, where two lovers meet surrounded by jasmine in bloom. Egyptian jasmine is teamed with lemon, Sichuan pepper and Angelique from Siberia, which has a cool, juniper-like aspect that may have you drawing comparisons with a tall G&T (perhaps the aforementioned lovers were in need of a little light refreshment). In the base, Brazilian tonka bean and Somalian incense have a lasting smoothness.

The range includes a treatment line of soap, shower gel and moisturising body lotion, a scented candle and fragrant cologne, all wrapped up in Paris label Atelier Cologne's stylish packaging. The blue bottles of the body lotion and body and hair shower gel chime with the brand's Venetian blue storefronts, with bold emerald labels plus signature aubergine leather bands wrapped around soaps. Atelier Cologne even offers personalised names, initials or messages on some packaging, part of the luxury trend encouraging customisation.

ABOVE FROM LEFT: Moisturising body lotion, €50 for 265ml; Hair and body shower gel, €35 for 265ml; Soap, €18 for 200gm; Scented candle, €45 for 190gm
RIGHT: Cologne Absolue, from €70 for 30ml
Available in the UK from