The Fizz has been throwing shapes to the blissed out electronica of New Build. We just can't get enough...


Art meets design on the cover of 'Pour It On' by Brit electronica outfit New Build, the side project of Hot Chip members Al Doyle and Felix Martin and composer Tom Hopkins. Abstract painterly gestures float on a white ground only to be tightly constrained by a sharp cobalt blue frame. No mention of the band or the title of the album appear, leaving you with an intriguing yet welcoming cover. On the reverse, simple and fluid typography reigns becoming an image in its own right. This is all a metaphor for the material within. Pulsing hypnotic beats are accompanied by Doyle's languid vocal, which is often heavily echoed within a seductive wall of sound. It's a sound that references the likes of Royksopp, The Beloved and B12, but there are also shades of early Eighties electro pioneers OMD and The Normal. Standout tracks are Your Arrival, The Human League-esque Strange Network and Look In Vain. This is a collection of modern pop songs that manage to move your feet and touch your heart at the same time. Fizztastic rating? 9/10

Artwork and typeface by Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle martin and
Design and art direction by Darren Wall

'Pour It On' is out now on Sunday Best Recordings