YEARS & YEARS Communion

The eagerly anticipated debut album from Years & Years is finally here and it's totally dressed to kill


It takes some swagger for a new band to release their first album and not appear on the cover. Route One for many record companies is to insist that new bands be seen immediately so we can identify with or swoon over them.

London electropop trio Years & Years has managed to avoid this particular cliché and the cover for debut album 'Communion' is a powerful piece of design. The angular grid on a black background containing their signature 'Y' is quite stark but is softened by muted rainbow colours. Created by Bristol-based digital design company Pretty Good, it's an eye-catching motif, managing to convey a certain mystery, and easily lends itself to T-shirts, badges and all the other merchandise which is part and parcel of being a recording artist (including animations; see the alternative to a video for single Worship). Quite simply, it's clever and very cool branding. At Years & Years' recent set at Glastonbury the album artwork was blown up to provide the perfect backdrop for singer Olly Alexander's goofy dancing.

While No 1 single King has been the UK's summer anthem, we're also grooving to Eyes Shut and Worship. If you liked La Roux's last album and are pining for the next one from Hurts, this fills the gap nicely.

'Communion' is released on Polydor on 10 July 2015