Playtype Concept Store

Type junkies listen up. In a little corner of Copenhagen an achingly hip store has dedicated itself to all things typographic


Type has always been design's best friend. Period. From the Art Deco fonts of the Jazz era to Jamie Reid's Situationist graphics for the Sex Pistols and the neo-classical stylings of the recent Penguin Great Ideas book jackets, type has played an integral part in some of the world's most iconic design moments. The Playtype Concept Store is the brainchild of Danish type addicts Jonas Hecksher and Jens Kajus. Having set up their own type foundry e-Types in the Nineties, the duo's store is a natural progression selling chic, minimal accessories and clothing devoted to the art of type. Notepads, T-shirts, iPhone covers, skateboards and more all receive their reductive typographic treatment. So if you're mad for Museo or hot for Helvetica our advice is to join the Q.

I've got the hots for U:
Playtype's carefully curated selection of type-friendly products
'Calepino x Playtype'
notebooks, €20
'Sigurd Larsen x Playtype' concrete letters, €40 each
Playtype notepads, €7 each, and 'VentiQuattro' mugs (just seen), €19