3D Printshow


3D printing, one of design's newest developments, has finally gone supernova. From furniture to fashion, cars and even people, the world of print will never be the same


Every now and again a seismic shift happens in design. The arrival of the wheel, paper, electricity and plastic; these are but a few of many important inventions that changed the shape of things to come. Now the advent of 3D printing is set to shake things up all over again.

The Fizz had a taste of this futuristic technology at the first Ventura Lambrate show during the Milan Furniture Fair in 2010. We put our hand into a frame of energy beams and 'drew' a small teacup but what emerged at the other end would never have made it off the potter's wheel. 

Fast forward four years and this groundbreaking method is now capable of printing musical instruments, room sets, wearables, fashion and cars. At the 3D Printshow contributors from a wide range of industries, including medicine, architecture and fine art, will be showing just how this innovative technique has moved from fantasy to reality in a very short space of time. 

ABOVE: The home of the future has landed
BELOW: Think it, print it, wear it! Illuminated headwear is all the rage...


BELOW FROM LEFT: Musical instruments; the 'Urbee' car;
ghostly furniture; strike a pose for a hand-held body scan

If you're wondering how to engage with all this sci-fi tech, visitors to the show can go home with a mini me of themselves. Step onto the Scan Zone stand and you'll be scanned from head to toe to produce a highly detailed miniature replica of yourself. Also hardware and software costs have decreased so budding inventors can even buy a 3D printer of their own without breaking the bank. 

The 3D Printshow runs from 4 - 6 September 2014 at Old Billingsgate, London.
Tickets from £17.50