LDF 2014 - Shop Talk with Thorsten van Elten

What's it like to exhibit at London's premier design show? Thorsten van Elten begins his daily diary of life behind the scenes at designjunction...


Ahhhhh, setting up day...
When the courier I booked for 2pm actually arrived just after, I knew today would be a doddle. Two hours later, all the boxes were unpacked and my stand looked like this while my neighbour was still on the third coat of paint on her walls. I'll be back for the fine-tuning and with a boiled egg for display purposes. It has got to be boiled... I've learnt from that rather messy mistake before!
Bring on Day Two and the evening party!!
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WE SAY: A boiled egg? Good luck with that!

Portrait by Barbara Chandler   barbarachandler.co.uk