LDF 2014 - Shop Talk with Thorsten van Elten


What's it like to exhibit at London's premier design show? Thorsten van Elten shares his daily diary of life behind the scenes at designjunction...


So, today is showtime, but not until after I've put the finishing touches to my stand. A little plant here and a Kinder Surprise egg there (a last-minute replacement for a boiled egg). Five minutes before the press were due my next-door neighbour was still cutting tiles, resulting in me practically throwing myself over my stand trying to protect it from the dust that created. At 4pm the Dezeen and MINI Frontiers stand, which features an amazing stained-glass driverless concept car by the very talented Dominic Wilcox, one aisle up, started pumping music and we had ourselves an opening party!

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WE SAY: A driverless stained-glass car? Perfect for getting us home tonight!

Portrait by Barbara Chandler   barbarachandler.co.uk