LDF 2014 - Shop Talk with Thorsten van Elten

What's it like to exhibit at London's premier design show? Thorsten van Elten shares his daily diary of life behind the scenes at designjunction...


The show didn't open until 11am this morning so I had a bit of a lie in and a stroll down to Niketown to buy myself a new pair of trainers. After all, I should look smart(ish) to sell my wares! When I made it to designjunction I realised that I'd basically bought my stall neighbour Kangan Arora's cushion in trainer form. Spooky! But after 15 years of doing trade shows I should really know that new shoes and being on my feet all day on a stand is NEVER a good idea as my feet are killing me now. Ouch! Never mind, it's off to the LDF party at the V&A tonight and after a few drinks I'm sure I won't notice my sore paws...
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WE SAY: Very nice Mr T but perhaps you should wear fluffy slippers from now on

Portrait by Barbara Chandler   barbarachandler.co.uk