LDF 2014 - Shop Talk with Thorsten van Elten

What's it like to exhibit at London's premier design show? Thorsten van Elten's daily diary of life behind the scenes at designjunction...


You know I don't usually like to draw attention to myself but I was the talk of the ground floor today. A picture frame which was perched on a shelf above a table full of glass and ceramics suddenly came crashing down and smashed on the floor with an almighty bang. I have never seen so many people rush towards my stand for the wrong reason. It all sounded a lot worse than it was though and everything was back to normal soon afterwards. On a positive note, my floor never looked so clean! It may not have helped the hangover I had from the night before but I was certainly wide awake after that...
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WE SAY: Aah, the sound of breaking glass, every shopkeeper's nightmare. We prefer the sound of clinking glass(es) ourselves!

Portrait by Barbara Chandler   barbarachandler.co.uk