LDF 2014 - Shop Talk with Thorsten van Elten

What's it like to exhibit at London's premier design show? Thorsten van Elten's daily diary of life behind the scenes at designjunction...


Yay, after a great and very busy week, packing up is now on everyone's mind. The ground floor needs to be cleared by 9pm so it's basically carnage. The show closes at 5pm so it's just common courtesy to wait until then. Despite this, there are people who start taking down their stand at a quarter to, like those 15 minutes are going to make a difference. It's just unprofessional and irritating so I have a go at one of them, of course!  
I still managed to pack everything up, take it to the warehouse and make it back into town by 8pm for a very well deserved pint (or three)...  
Thanks to everyone, it was fun. See you again next year!
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WE SAY: Thanks Thorsten, it's been a blast, and we hope your animals make it home safe and sound! 'Nellie the elephant packed her bags and said goodbye to the circus...' 

Portrait by Barbara Chandler   barbarachandler.co.uk