I Scream Factory x Habitat

Ice cream gets arty in this ice-cool exhibition by I Scream Factory at Habitat Chelsea. Mr Whippy look away now...


In the UK, we’re still clinging on to the last rays of summer. The Autumn/Winter collections may be filtering their way into stores up and down the land but as far as we’re concerned there’s still plenty of time for picnics, sunnies and ice cream.

So Habitat’s latest pop-up exhibition at the Platform Gallery in its King's Road branch couldn’t be timed better. From 20 to 30 August the gallery will be filled with striking photographs and artworks from art collective I Scream Factory’s clutch of creative talents, with ice cream as the central theme. We love Sara Mautone’s surreal images that turn ice lollies into fashion accessories, Lena Vazhenina’s 'Blue Series', in which an assortment of objects from hand guns to tulips are blitzed with melted ice cream, and Ting Cheng’s urban reportage style which captures what looks like death by ice cream – literally.

If that’s got you in the mood for a mouthful of the chilly stuff then there’ll be artisanal ice lollies on offer too from North London’s avant-garde lolly makers Ice Kitchen. Founders Cesar and Nadia Roden have ditched Strawberry Mivvis and Calippos in favour of grown up flavours such as Clementine & Wine, Pedro Ximenez Sherry and Grapefruit & Star Anise. 

We think this will be the most chilled out show of the summer so slip on your coolest shades, pop over to Chelsea and, to coin a phrase, 'suck it and see’...
iscreamfactory.com   habitat.co.uk

ABOVE FROM LEFT: 'Vinette 3' by Sara Mautone; 'Blue Series 2' by Lena Vazhenina
ABOVE RIGHT: 'Mess 4' by Sara Mautone and Jonathan Tegelaars
BELOW: 'Ice 2' by Ting Cheng

'I Scream Factory' x Habitat runs from 20–30 August 2015 at Platform Gallery, Habitat, 208 King's Road, London SW3