'Pool' – Griffin Gallery

Head to West London's Griffin Gallery for an intriguing encounter with art inspired by the natural world...


The great British landscape has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists of every century, from the pastoral paintings of John Constable and the groundbreaking seascapes of JW Turner to the abstract works of Richard Long and Howard Hodgkin. It's a rich seam to mine, embracing the changing of the seasons, idyllic pastures and urban industrial settings alike. Now West London's Griffin Gallery has seized upon the theme of landscape and gardens to present ‘Pool’, an immersive exhibition curated by Rebecca Byrne and Liz Elton which displays works by 13 contemporary artists showcasing their own interpretations of this classic subject. Expect to walk through fields of pigment, be enveloped in fog and to interact with random performances in this modern-day garden of delights.

ABOVE: Ian Davenport working on 'Poured Painting: Magenta, Orange, Magenta', Sue Arrowsmith, 1999. Household gloss paint on MDF
ABOVE RIGHT: 'I Was Too Shy', Lee Edwards, 2010. Oil paint on conker
BELOW: 'Small Isles' series (9), Liz Elton, 2016. Digital pigment print

Fizz faves include Sue Arrowsmith's portrait of former Young British Artist Ian Davenport pooling gloss paint in one of his signature poured paintings, Lee Edwards’ depictions of tiny faces on conkers and Liz Elton’s moody digital pigment prints of Scottish island Eigg, which juxtapose frantic painterly marks with a serene coastal environment. Perhaps the Garden of Eden is alive and well after all...
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'Pool' is on now until 10 June 2016. Griffin Gallery, The Studio Building, 21 Evesham Street, London W11