The Non-Conformists

Once upon a time, everything used to stop for tea and a slice of Mr Kipling’s finest. This collection of pictures serves to remind us that life was not always as hectic as it is today. Oh do use a saucer, there's a dear…



Thanks to the abundance of camera phones, it seems we constantly live our lives through the lens. We're all so busy snapping, videoing, Instagramming and taking endless selfies that the question has to be asked, are we actually seeing anything?

The Non-Conformists is a body of early black and white photographs by celebrated photographer Martin Parr. It captures a bygone era of the British working class at work and play. Shot in the mid-Seventies in the northern town of Hebden Bridge and the surrounding Calder Valley, Parr's book focuses on the normal everyday activities of the community. Dozing churchgoers, a mayoral tea party and local auctioneers are frozen in time along with factory workers, gamekeepers and deserted Jubilee street parties.

Now available as a deluxe limited edition of 100 copies, the book is accompanied by a signed and numbered 10 x 8 silver gelatin print of 'Anniversary Tea, Boulderclough Methodist Chapel, 1975' (top image). A homage to a simpler, less distracted way of life, and not a selfie in sight...

The deluxe edition of The Non-Conformists by Martin Parr, £350, is published by Aperture. Available to order through the Rocket Gallery at

All photos by Martin Parr