Daisy de Villeneuve

Armed with a few felt-tip pens and a clutch of pithy put-downs, Daisy de Villeneuve has made sure you'll never be lost for words again  


London-born Daisy de Villeneuve's distinctive illustrative style rocks out in her third book 'I Should Have Said'. Released 12 years after her last one, 'I Told You So,' it's a candid mix of hurtful comments by friends and lovers and all the things she wishes she'd said in riposte.

Sharp, witty and often touching, de Villeneuve's anecdotes capture those moments in time we've all experienced, from an off-the-cuff remark that cut deeper than intended to blazing displays of unbelievable rudeness. 

Sporting the illustrator, writer and designer's singular felt-tip drawings and typewriter text on graph paper, 'I Should Have Said' is a girl's guide to the art of one-liners. Delivered with a perfectly arched eyebrow, you'll be getting your fierce on before you know it.

'I Should Have Said' by Daisy de Villeneuve, £7.99. Published by Hardie Grant