Linocut for Artists and Designers

Budding artists, illustrators and designers can learn to use linocut, care of Nick Morley's handy new book


Hot off the press comes Nick Morley's new book 'Linocut for Artists and Designers', full of sound advice on how to create your very own prints from scratch.

Whether you're a beginner doing small runs on your kitchen table or know your way around a printing press, Morley's book is a useful guide to the various techniques you need to know to produce everything from simple black and white illustrations to complex multi-layered editions. In our increasingly digital age, where images come and go in the blink of an eye, a beautifully printed linocut design has a lasting quality that can only be achieved by the human hand. This book takes you through each stage of the process in eight easy-to-follow chapters.

Examples of Morley's own sought-after work (as Linocut Boy) appear alongside case studies of eight international designers who stretch the medium to its limit using techniques such as screen print, letterpress and etching to create a varied range of textiles, ceramics, books and fine art prints. UK specialist Morley also offers regular linocut workshops, as well as screen printing and etching courses, at Hello Print Studio, his creative space in Margate.

ABOVE RIGHT: 'Tortoise Boy' by Linocut Boy (aka Nick Morley)
BELOW FROM LEFT'Dodo with a Yoyo' by Linocut Boy has colour added to the original black linocut by screenprinting thin layers of ink on top; In reverse, the initial cut design

ABOVE: 'Deep Sea Diver' by Linocut Boy uses several colour blends and is printed from seven blocks: background colour blocks for the figure and seaweed, colour blocks for the belt, weight and boots, and the key block in black, which is printed last

'Linocut for Artists and Designers' is a must-have if you're a design-savvy type with the urge to make your mark. Go on, dive in and get your hands dirty, you won't regret it.

'Linocut for Artists and Designers' by Nick Morley (The Crowood Press, £18.99)