Where's Warhol?

Andy Warhol, pop culture's most recognisable artist, is given one more stab at the fame game in 'Where's Warhol?', a fun-filled new take on the art of hide-and-seek


Having heard of people being driven to the brink of insanity or suffering migraines attempting to locate Wally in Martin Handford’s seminal ‘Where’s Wally?’ books and games, we thought another iteration of this hide-and-seek format would be the last thing we’d want to see. But when ‘Where’s Warhol?’, Catherine Ingram and Andrew Rae’s witty take on the genre, appeared at DesignFizz HQ we were rather tickled.

‘Where’s Warhol?’ places American Pop artist Andy Warhol in key locations and events throughout history, including Warhol’s former playground Studio 54, the execution of Marie Antoinette, the fall of Pompeii and the iconic Bauhaus design school in Dessau. Surrounded by celebrities and famous faces from each era, it's a typically Warholian comment on pop culture then and now. 

ABOVE: The heady days of New York nightclub Studio 54Bianca Jagger on a white horse, Jack Nicholson, Liza Minnelli and Grace Jones are just a few of the famous faces in the crowd
ABOVE RIGHT: The cover of new illustrated book 'Where's Warhol?'
BELOW: It's the end of the road for Pompeii as Mount Vesuvius erupts. The destruction of Pompeii provided inspiration for generations of artists including Pink Floyd, Salvador Dali and Antony Gormley (all hidden among the ruins) 

ABOVE: Influential German design school The Bauhaus is captured here. Can you spot Walter Gropius, László Moholy-Nagy or Herbert Bayer?

As well as spotting Warhol in the throng on each of the 12 double-page spreads, it’s thought-provoking and unexpectedly educational to discover figures such as artist Rachel Whiteread, potter Josiah Wedgwood, novelist Gustave Flaubert and architect/designer Walter Gropius appearing alongside the likes of rappers The Beastie Boys, actor John Travolta and singer Madonna. Well known artworks are also dotted around (think Damien Hirst’s petrified shark, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s signature street graffiti and Warhol’s eponymous soup tins).

Catherine Ingram's concise text gives a succinct insight into each scenario which lends gravitas to Andrew Rae’s humorous and entertaining illustrations. We can think of no better way to look and learn at the same time…
'Where's Warhol?' by Catherine Ingram and Andrew Rae (Laurence King, £9.95) laurenceking.com